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Rice Energy

We respect the environment. We respect our communities. Most of all, we respect our landowners.

Why lease with Rice Energy

Entrusting the right operator to responsibly develop your oil and gas may be one of the most important decisions you make as a landowner. At Rice Energy, we realize that this decision takes time, and requires a strong understanding of our company’s commitment to safe and responsible development.

As corporate citizens of the communities in which we operate, Rice Energy works every day to maintain a trusted, long-term relationship by operating in a way that promotes high health, safety and environmental standards for our employees, landowners, and surrounding residents. Our goal is to build long-lasting landowner and stakeholder relationships simply by treating our landowners as trusted partners.

If you own oil and gas rights and are interested in learning more about leasing with Rice Energy, please click here to submit your name, parcel number(s) and contact information.

At Rice Energy, we are committed to working one-on-one with landowners to responsibly develop our region’s vast deposits of natural gas. To ensure that we safely and compliantly pursue this endeavor, we employ high standards of environmental stewardship and financial discipline. Our goal is to ensure that our landowners, stakeholders and the surrounding community have an opportunity to capitalize on our efficient growth strategy and ability to drill wells for long-term production.

Landowners interested in becoming partners with Rice Energy must sign a mineral lease. A mineral lease is a legally binding contract that gives Rice Energy the right to extract and produce a mineral owner’s natural gas. Once a lease is signed, Rice Energy will conduct a title search to confirm mineral ownership. In some cases, property or land ownership does not reflect mineral ownership.

Once ownership of oil and gas is confirmed, signed landowners are referred to as “lessors”. Lessors typically receive an initial bonus payment for an amount agreed upon during the signing of the lease. Lessors also have the opportunity to receive recurring royalty payments based on a percentage of a well’s production, which is also agreed upon at lease signing. Once a well begins producing, the lease is generally in effect for the life of the well.

How we compensate you

Bonus payments

A bonus payment is a one-time payment made to lessors whose ownership of oil and gas is confirmed by a title search conducted by Rice Energy. Bonus payments are typically made 3-5 months after lease signing and confirmation of ownership.

Royalty checks

Monthly checks for oil and natural gas royalties are mailed to unitized landowners who share an interest in a producing well. These payments are issued 60 days following the end of the production month. For example, checks earned for March production will be received mid-June.

Checks are generated on a monthly basis for accounts totaling $50 or more. For account balances below $50, checks are issued at the end of each year, generally on or around December 31.

If you have questions about your royalty check, please contact us.

Temporarily withheld payment

Payments are occasionally temporarily withheld when Rice Energy receives notice of a change in ownership, such as a notice of death, change of address, transfer of property, assignment of interest or legal dispute. In instances such as these, payments are accrued and released once all necessary documentation has been completed. If you have questions regarding suspended balances, please contact us.

Direct Deposit

Landowners who are actively receiving royalties from Rice Energy are now able to enroll in our recently launched electronic funds transfer program, otherwise known as direct deposit. EFT is a fast and secure method of payment that will automatically deposit royalty payments into a designated bank account each month. Landowners who choose to enroll will continue to receive a detailed royalty remittance statement by their choice of either mail or email. The advantages of electronic payments include secure payment processing, timely deposit, prompt email notification when payments are issued, and remittance statements that are sent immediately to a designated email account.

If you are interested in receiving electronic payments, you will be required to submit registration information that is necessary to process your royalty payments electronically. Two methods of enrollment are offered:

  • Online: To enroll electronically, please visit You will be directed to a page that will allow you to enter all required enrollment information safely and securely. Online enrollment is the fastest way to sign up for electronic payments!
  • Mail: To enroll by mail, please complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Send this form and a voided check to the following address:
  • 2200 RICE DRIVE
  • CANONSBURG, PA 15317

Before electronic payments can be issued, we are required to issue our first payments from Wells Fargo via paper check. This will occur with February 2016 royalty issuances and will continue until you have been successfully enrolled in the electronic payment program. Due to anticipated high enrollment volume, please allow one to two royalty cycles for your enrollment to be validated.

Hear from our neighbors

“Our family has lived and farmed in this valley in Washington County for almost 70 years. We have always enjoyed a quiet and peaceful rural environment. We had concern for that environment when Marcellus Shale development began 4 years ago. We are happy to report that we have been very satisfied with the respect that Rice Energy has shown for the beauty of the valley and for its residents. Any disruption that occurred has been quickly remedied and repaired.

Pat O’Brien, Washington County

“Rice is a family owned business. They act and talk just like one of us. It’s not like at a big company where the landowner is just a number.”

– Enon, OH

They are very friendly, very personal, down to earth. They’re a big oil and gas company and I’m just a normal person, but they treat me like I’m on the same latitude as they are.

– Jerusalem, OH

“They just seem to be a down home type of operation. They make you feel comfortable, you feel relaxed being with them or around them. They don’t make you feel like you’re just a nobody or someone off the street. I can only speak for me, but I don’t feel that way.”

– Jacobsburg, OH

“They’re more of a family owned company than a huge corporation. I don’t get the corporate mentality from them that you get from some other companies.”

– St. Clairsville, OH

“Rice is like a big family. They are family oriented, not this huge company. They’re friendlier people; they’re down to earth. They’ll sit and talk to you–it just seems like they care about you more than other companies.”

– Greene County, PA

While in your neighborhood

Rice Energy partners with the communities in which we operate to achieve mutual benefits that will last for decades. Through open communications with our neighbors, local governments and regulatory agencies, we strive to educate the community at large about our operational standards and requirements. While working in your neighborhood, we are incorporating the most advanced technology to ensure we protect the long-term viability of our region’s natural gas resources. We are committed to safe and responsible development, and take seriously any concerns you may have regarding your personal property, water resources and the safety of your community. We know that permission to operate in your area depends on our ability to do business responsibly, and we intend to eliminate any doubt that we are the most trustworthy operator in the region.